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wausauloner - Sun Jul 15 2012

06:33 AM #
I couldn't fall asleep last night. First, I was thinking about the people skulking around one of the hidden outposts east of town... #zombie

06:36 AM #
...Then I got caught up in the HAM radio traffic. The signal from the Reapers' propaganda broadcast was stronger than usual. #zompocalypse

06:39 AM #
Anon, the Rapture's Reapers' messianic leader, was on the radio--a rare thing. He was telling the besieged Cannibal Gang towns to surrender.

06:42 AM #
He went on and on about how there was no hope, no rescue coming, and, of course, no force left on earth more powerful than his flock...

06:45 AM #
Then he then went on and about how zombies follow his orders, that the "holy undead" are his to command. That guy is batshit crazy. #cult