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wausauloner - Mon Jul 16 2012

12:45 PM #
Pete has a tough job as leader of the survivor Farm Colonies west of Wausau. He's also the de facto head of an alliance of other area groups

12:48 PM #
I met him when he headed a small group of survivors up on Rib Mountain in the first weeks of the zombie uprising. #zombie #apocalypse

12:51 PM #
Pete's leadership inspired other survivor groups we encountered. Many people survived the zombies because of him. The colonies grew. #zombie

12:54 PM #
For awhile, it seemed we were going to be able to take our world back from the dead. We cleared neighborhoods, then a whole town up north.

12:57 PM #
Now, Pete has to worry about a possible war with a large, predatory survivor cult on top of everything else. Well, he's the man for the job.