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wausauloner - Tue Jul 17 2012

05:18 AM #
I've spent much of the last two days watering my gardens and the gardens I've reclaimed from my dead neighbors. This drought is getting bad.

05:21 AM #
I'm lucky: I have a solar power system & my own well, so I can water any garden I can reach with a hose. I've strung together quite a few.

05:24 AM #
The water pressure drops after I string a few together, so I'm only able to use a sprinkler on a small patch at a time and shift it often.

05:27 AM #
I set it up, patrol for zombies for awhile, then move the hoses & do another patrol. Yesterday, a zombie followed me & tripped on the hose.

09:52 AM #
I'm told that, out on the Farm Colonies, some of their carefully hoarded fuel is being used to power pumps irrigating crops. #zompocalypse

09:55 AM #
Ruth uses a rainwater catchment system, collecting water from the rooftops & gutters of abandoned homes in big barrels. #zombie #apocalypse

09:58 AM #
At Camp Tesomas they built a 2nd tower (this time without a filtering system) to siphon irrigation water up from their lake & to the plots.

09:59 AM #
@CitizenDino At some point, another solution will be necessary.

06:27 PM #
Comparing notes on our CB network: There was brief, heavy rain at Fort NTC & in Ruth's neighborhood. That will help their thirsty crops.

06:30 PM #
Ruth said she was glad she put a priority on expanding her roof-and-gutter catchment system to the newly secured blocks. #zombie #apocalypse

06:33 PM #
Both Ruth & the Fort NTC survivors collected a large quantity of rainwater. Enough for several weeks. It barely rained here. #zompocalypse