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wausauloner - Fri Jul 20 2012

05:31 AM #
I spent most of last night on the secure radio with Pete & the leaders of the other area survivor groups we're allied with... #zompocalypse

05:34 AM #
...For awhile now, they've been planning on what is about to happen--our broadcast debut on the HAM radio network. I will be busy today!

05:37 AM #
I'll be part of several small groups going out past our border outposts to paint messages on every approaching roadway. #zombie #apocalypse

05:40 AM #
Other groups will be setting up quarantine areas (much like the one we've been using at the Eau Claire Dells Park) at other perimeter sites

09:55 AM #
It takes a long time to paint long messages out on roads, but we want to make sure anybody traveling these roads sees them, even at night.

09:58 AM #
By the time winter comes, we'll have duplicate messages painted on billboards and highway signs. All three methods are hard to counterfeit.

10:02 AM #
That's an important consideration, because these messages leave detailed instructions for any traveler who wants to enter our territory.

01:30 PM #
We're being pulled off of our task while we await more armed escorts. Another painting crew came under fire south of Plover. #zombies

01:33 PM #
A painter was hit. Fortunately, he was wearing body armor salvaged from a dead police officer. The shooter got away. #zombies #zompocalypse