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wausauloner - Sun Jul 22 2012

05:56 AM #
I feared it would come to this: We're going to destroy more of the remnants of our pre-zompocalypse civilization to preserve what remains...

05:59 AM #
...Today, we begin taking out bridges, ripping up roads, & otherwise limiting the number of ways in and out of our territory. #zompocalypse

06:02 AM #
Gates will be put up on all remaining roads. Buildings behind them will be converted to forts. With so few, we can keep them manned. #zombie

06:05 AM #
This plan will only keep out bigger vehicles, but it will make it easier for concealed watchers and patrols to guard against the rest.

10:40 AM #
I'm in and out of range with limited opportunity to tweet--this road-wrecking project is happening at the very perimeter of our territories.

05:54 PM #
Sad to say we got a lot done today. Driving around with a flatbed and a couple backhoes, it's disturbingly easy to rip up roads and bridges.