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wausauloner - Mon Jul 23 2012

06:34 AM #
Back to the sad work of tearing up roads leading into our territory. It will firmly establish our borders in this post-zompocalypse world.

06:37 AM #
It's going to be a sizable chunk of territory--the borders mainly determined by defensive priorities. #zombie #apocalypse #zompocalypse

09:53 AM #
Today, my crew is busy blocking access to I39 from roads to the east. From Wausau to Stevens Point, we're taking out bridges and on-ramps.

09:56 AM #
With the river on the west flank (and the few surviving bridges over it blocked), we'll have a long north-south safe zone connecting allies.

09:59 AM #
The survivors at UW-Stevens Point will control southern access to our lands. Our allies there have a good defensive position... #apocalypse

10:02 AM #
...The floods that ravaged the Wisconsin River after the zombies rose & destroyed our civilization made wide areas to the south impassible.

10:05 AM #
I'm glad we're making the lands claimed by our Stevens Point and Mosinee allies a contiguous part of our outer defensive perimeter. #zombies

08:05 PM #
Tried to tune in Anon's crazed ramblings but I can't get a clear signal from his propaganda channels. The Anomaly's hum is too loud tonight.

08:08 PM #
Why do I want to listen to that crap? I want it to make me angry and remind me that all of the destruction we've committed to is necessary.