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wausauloner - Tue Jul 24 2012

09:20 AM #
We haven't seen many zombies out here in the country or on I39. The crews working to block routes in formerly populated aren't as lucky...

09:23 AM #
We just heard a radio call from a group severing routes over the dry Eau Plaine Reservoir: A swarm of zombies surprised them on Hwy O.

09:26 AM #
They're buttoned up in their vehicles, awaiting help. We're fairly close, but have no clear route to get there. Others are on their way.

10:57 AM #
We're hearing that the zombie swarm where O crossed the Eau Plaine has been dealt with. No human casualties, but a lesson was learned:

11:01 AM #
...We can't forget that--even in the face of pressing dangers from predatory survivors--this planet is ruled by zombies, not us. #apocalypse