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wausauloner - Wed Jul 25 2012

06:01 AM #
It's amazing how many roads we have to rip up to cut access to our territories to a few defendable routes. This project will take days.

06:03 AM #
Crews building defenses along the remaining routes won't be done for awhile, either. Pete & the other leaders are making preparations, too.

06:06 AM #
Once everything is ready, Pete and the other leaders of the local survivor groups we're allied with are going to finally "go public."

06:09 AM #
They're working on what to say when they start broadcasting on the HAM radios we've been collecting since this zompocalypse began. #zombies

05:10 PM #
I really wish there were a way to include the Amherst Enclave, the survivors in Bear Creek, & those at Camp Tesomas in our "exclusion" zone.

05:13 PM #
It may be a stretch to defend the area as it is being staked out. There's no way we can extend our borders to incorporate them. #zombies

05:16 PM #
Our allies in those places will be islands of safety in the wild. All are building up their own defenses, to varying degrees. #zompocalypse

05:19 PM #
What might protect them most, however, is making sure any predatory survivors like the Reapers know that they have allies willing to fight.