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wausauloner - Sat Jul 28 2012

09:06 AM #
Our road deconstruction project is using up much carefully hoarded diesel fuel, though it is giving us the chance to try out alternatives...

09:09 AM #
...This morning, my backhoe was fitted with a pre-heater for a fuel supplement I'm told is part rendered animal fat, part reclaimed grease.

09:12 AM #
It's an example of several ingenious projects some of the survivors in The Farm Colonies are working on. #zombie #apocalypse #zompocalypse

02:31 PM #
I had to disconnect the pre-heater on my backhoe. The waste heat from the engine wasn't enough to keep the fuel slurry fully liquid. #zombie

02:34 PM #
It's a shame: the fuel smelled of bacon. It covered up the smell of some zombies we found. Oh well, I'm sure the heater just needs a tweak.