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wausauloner - Mon Jul 30 2012

09:22 AM #
A very few roads--mostly bigger highways and access points to them--are getting blocked in a way that will make them very hard to clear...

09:25 AM #
First, abandoned cars and trucks are jammed 3-4 vehicles thick across the lanes and into any navigable medians and shoulders...

09:28 AM #
...Then cement trucks are brought in and their cargo is poured into the mass of vehicles. The result is a traffic jam set in stone! #zombies

01:58 PM #
Once we have an adequate start everywhere, all of our road-blocking efforts will be improved over time as opportunities to do so arise...

02:01 PM #
Sentry posts will also be built overlooking many of the blockages. We can't man them all the time, but they'll be ready when needed. #zombie