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wausauloner - Tue Jul 31 2012

06:01 AM #
My alternative fuel pre-warmer is back online on my backhoe. The idea-people who made it say it will transfer waste engine heat better.

09:50 AM #
My backhoe has been running on a mix of diesel fuel and rendered animal fat all morning. The former WILL run out some day. #zompocalypse

02:32 PM #
The alternative fuel system on my backhoe worked great all day. I was able to pick up the slack of a steam-mod that didn't work so well.

02:37 PM #
@mutedogbrewing I've seen a tractor using such a system and have heard about a couple of trucks that use woodgas. It seems to work well!

08:23 PM #
Anon is really ranting on the HAM radio waves tonight. He's telling the cannibal gangs their hour of final defeat is nigh. Again. #zombies

08:26 PM #
The besieged Cannibal Gang strongholds are resisting far longer than expected. Maybe trying to starve out cannibals isn't a smart strategy.