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wausauloner - Fri Aug 03 2012

07:51 AM #
The Hum didn't fade at all overnight. Pete is using the extra time to work on what he wants to say. Others are double-checking gear. #zombie

07:54 AM #
I'm not up on all the technical stuff for the many HAM radio sets they have up here on Rib, so I'm keeping busy testing the battery arrays.

10:15 AM #
Testing all the battery arrays is taking me forever! Hundreds of batteries salvaged from the Z-day traffic jam on I39 were brought up here.

10:18 AM #
I'm told that the signals from the HAM radio sets up here will be boosted significantly somehow. My eyes went glassy when it was explained.

02:31 PM #
I did some checking...the refugee dry spell has continued. No new travelers since we started seeing people prowling near our outposts.

02:34 PM #
We never did find proof, but we think the Reapers stationed people outside our borders to intercept anybody trying to find asylum here.