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wausauloner - Sat Aug 04 2012

02:01 AM #
Thunder woke me up. Checked The Anomaly. Lightning has it jazzed up. More tweets are coming through. The zombies will be restless today.

07:10 AM #
The Anomaly is brighter than usual after all the lightning around here overnight. The Hum is louder than ever. Lots of zombie activity, too.

07:13 AM #
I am up on the Foxglove overpass looking north towards The Anomaly. The zombies under it are hyper, but there's no gathering. Not this time.

10:21 AM #
I'm up on Rib. One of the HAM guys is pointing out the sound nearby lightning makes on the radios. It's weird. The sky is noisy today.

10:24 AM #
He said he was scanning bands last night when the lightning came thru here. He swears the nearby stuff caused "echoes" from The Anomaly.