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wausauloner - Mon Aug 06 2012

08:11 AM #
I slept in this morning. Like every other survivor around here, I plan on staying up late for Pete's broadcast on the HAM radios tonight.

08:14 AM #
When he breaks radio silence, we'll be crossing a point of no return: Other survivors of the zombie uprising--friend and foe--will hear him.

08:17 AM #
It'll be an extended hand of friendship to some. To others, it will be an invitation to challenge us for our lands. Our supplies. Our lives.

10:21 AM #
I'm running a patrol from outpost to outpost, blocked road to blocked road, checking our whole border on Wausau's east side. #zompocalypse

10:24 AM #
Every route into our territory is being watched. Starting tonight, the watchers I'm checking in with will be joined by more guards.

10:27 AM #
We don't know how the Reapers will react to tonight's broadcast, but we want to be ready for them if they try something. #zompocalypse

04:42 PM #
I'm back up on Rib. Pete's here. Other area survivor group leaders are here too. We're waiting for the sun to go down. #zombie #zompocalypse

04:45 PM #
I'm on a bank of HAM radios, sending out mic clicks on specific frequencies, reaching out to people I met on my travels around the state.

04:48 PM #
They've all checked in with answering mic clicks on different, previously agreed upon frequencies. We have a radio assigned to each of them.

06:20 PM #
Anon has just come on the air, doing his nightly propaganda rant. This is what we've been waiting for... #zombie #apocalypse #zompocalypse

06:23 PM #
Pete is at our most powerful HAM radio system...I'm told it should drown out Anon's signal...He's introducing himself... #zompocalypse

06:26 PM #
"My name is Pete. I am speaking to you from atop Rib Mountain. Yes, I am near The Anomaly that brought the zombie plague to our world..."

06:28 PM #
"...but despite the chaos of Z-Day and the collapse of our world's civilization that followed, we--you call us The Doomed--still live here."

06:30 PM #
"...We call ourselves by other names, like The Farm Colonies, a group I lead by consent, or Fort NTC, one of several others I now speak for"

06:32 PM #
"...We started out in small groups, fighting to survive each day in a world ruled by the dead. We joined up, combined our resources..."

06:35 PM #
"...We stopped cowering before the undead hordes. We fought back. Slowly, we reduced their number, and made safe our redoubts..." #zombies

06:38 PM #
"...We began to rebuild, sustaining ourselves without relying upon what little was left to scavenge from the times before the zombies."

06:41 PM #
"...We built alliances with other groups. Together, we fought off raiders, rescued innocents, & reclaimed more land from the dead."

06:44 PM #
"Now our success against the zombies is on the verge of becoming meaningless. A newer, more obscene threat has grown too great..."

06:47 PM #
At this point in Pete's speech, Anon's signal came back on with added power behind it. His angry words denounced us as unclean... #zombies

06:50 PM #
With all our radios already transmitting Pete's words on every active frequency across the dial, we couldn't respond. But someone else did.

06:53 PM #
Suddenly, a distant radio re-transmitted Pete's speech on the frequency Anon tried to use. Then a second. Then a dozen more... #zompocalypse

06:56 PM #
The cacophony drowned out both Pete's transmission and Anon's, but anyone listening could tune up or down to hear Pete clearly once more...

06:59 PM #
Anon switched to his backup frequencies. We'd mapped them, and switched our full power broadcast as he did. The re-broadcasters did, too...

07:02 PM #
Pete continued: "Of course, I mean the madman you've all heard nightly on the radio: Anon, and his cult of followers, The Rapture's Reapers"

07:05 PM #
"The Reapers are like many other survivors who live off of raids and plunder. They take what others have struggled so hard for..."

07:08 PM #
"They travel like a plague of locusts, consuming everything & moving on, leaving no seed, no stores, no hope in a dead world"

07:11 PM #
"If not for the Reapers & others like them who prey upon our hard work, we'd already be well on our way to retaking our world from the dead"

07:13 PM #
"The time has come to make a stand. To hide no more as the Reapers eliminate every pocket of civilization that remains, one by one."

07:15 PM #
"The Reapers have been busy fighting others much like them for the salvage and territory each controls. They're locked into that combat."

07:17 PM #
"If you've been hiding, waiting in fear that Anon will turn to you next, I say join us. Make contact with us. Let us all act while we can."

07:19 PM #
"...If you live in fear under the direct control of the Reapers, or any other force that preys on its own people, break away if you can..."

07:21 PM #
"You may have made hard choices to survive the zombies & their aftermath. Unless you profited at others' expense, you needn't fear justice."

07:23 PM #
"Travel in stealth or in strength. The journey here is dangerous. Reaper patrols have worked hard to stop others from reaching our borders."

07:26 PM #
"But if we all act at once, they cannot counter everything. We will push them to their limit and beyond." #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

07:29 PM #
Pete went on from there with instructions on which routes were to be used to enter our territory & how more nightly broadcasts would follow.

07:32 PM #
When he was done, a recording of his speech was turned on for repeated re-broadcast across all the local and intermediate HAM frequencies.

07:35 PM #
Anon keeps trying to find ways to cut into our broadcast. We keep stopping it. I have a feeling this will go on all night! #zompocalypse

08:03 PM #
Pete's speech has turned up on other, longer-ranged HAM frequencies. People around the world are re-broadcasting it! #zombies #zompocalypse

08:11 PM #
Most of the local re-broadcasters of Pete's speech stopped after Pete went back on the air to warn them against the dangers of triangulation