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wausauloner - Tue Aug 07 2012

06:11 AM #
After last night's broadcast and airwave "combat" with Anon, we're waiting for the other shoe to drop. Everyone is on high alert.

06:30 AM #
An outpost near Abbotsford just called in a report of people at the main 29W gate. They showed up per Pete's instructions last night.

06:33 AM #
It's a convoy of traveling traders who went to ground nearby after running afoul of raiders. They want in: Trading has become too dangerous.

09:31 AM #
Three different outposts now report visible activity of someone checking out the road blockages we set up before Pete's broadcast.

09:34 AM #
Nobody's trying to cross the frontier at those points. One watcher says he saw one of the figures carrying a Reaper harpoon. #zompocalypse

09:37 AM #
It sounds like Anon has patrols out testing out our defenses, seeing if everything Pete said on the HAM radios last night was true. #zombies

10:54 AM #
A firefight has been reported near the Plover frontier gate. The reinforced fort there is sending out a patrol to investigate. #zompocalypse

12:13 PM #
The patrol out of the Plover fort came up behind a Reaper "backstop" unit trying to keep some refugees from reaching us. #zombie #apocalypse

12:16 PM #
They had the drop on the Reapers and called for their surrender. The damn zealots wouldn't give up. All dead. No prisoners. #zompocalypse

12:19 PM #
One positive result of the encounter: seven refugees the Reapers were fighting have asked for asylum. They're in a quarantine camp now.

02:31 PM #
The dead Reapers from the Plover firefight had nothing on them in terms of intel, just some personal letters. More info to collect, I guess.

06:31 PM #
Anon was back on the air tonight with more radios using more power. We have the advantage of height. It's just enough. Pete is on the mic:

06:34 PM #
"Last night, I said we could stand together against Anon and his foul cult. He said it wasn't possible. Today, 47 people proved otherwise."

06:37 PM #
"Those brave people evaded Reaper patrols and zombies alike to get here. In one case, five Reapers died trying to stop them." #zompocalypse

06:40 PM #
Anon's voice cut through the static then, calling, "LIES! LIES!" Pete's calm reply: Reading the letters found on their bodies. Naming names.

06:43 PM #
Listeners across the country--maybe the world--must have approved. They took up their microphones and drowned out the cult leader's signal.

06:46 PM #
After a few minutes, most began playing recordings of Pete's transmission from tonight, or yesterday. Or both. Another on-air skirmish won!