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wausauloner - Wed Aug 08 2012

08:13 AM #
More people have responded to Pete's broadcasts: a family. They came on foot, cross-country to avoid roads guarded by Reapers. #zompocalypse

08:16 AM #
They'd been hiding in the cellar of a burned-out farm, stuck there since the Reapers swept into the area around Plainfield this spring.

10:07 AM #
A single rider on a motorcycle just came in to the 29E checkpoint. He was wounded. He said Reapers killed 3 of his friends. #zompocalypse

10:10 AM #
The rider is expected to make it, but he's upset, blaming us for the loss of his friends. #zombie #zombies #apocalypse #zompocalypse

02:32 PM #
I'm hearing reports coming from all points of the compass. There's a steady trickle of refugees arriving. Most had to fight their way in.

02:34 PM #
Mostly, they run afoul of mobile Reaper scouting groups. But sometimes they find Reapers hiding near our frontier, waiting in ambush.

02:37 PM #
What am I doing during all this? I'm part of an inner ring surrounding Rib Mt., watching for any Reapers who've snuck into our lands.

02:40 PM #
These are my stomping grounds. I know the area in and out. Where the zombies are likely to be, where you can hide... I have to stay here.

02:43 PM #
I'm sure Anon wants to stop our broadcasts. Even money says he'll send a strike team here to take out our radios at the source. #apocalypse

06:34 PM #
Pete's broadcast was brief tonight. The airwaves are noisy with an elevated war of words between Anon and the besieged Cannibal Gangs.

07:03 PM #
The Cannibal Gangs weren't broadcasting much before. Pete's broadcasts and the worldwide response seems to have emboldened them. #zombies

07:06 PM #
They're not getting the same kind of response. Most people would like to see the Reapers & Cannibals fight each other to the death. #zombies