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wausauloner - Thu Aug 09 2012

06:43 AM #
My morning anti-zombie patrol takes about twice as long to complete with the added responsibility of watching for Reaper infiltrators.

09:56 AM #
Fort NTC captured a Reaper team trying to sneak into the north side of town along the river. They're hardcore cultists. Not talking.

09:59 AM #
They were on foot, carrying high-powered scoped hunting rifles, full packs of supplies, & plenty of ammo. They could have been real trouble.

02:35 PM #
The influx of refugees arriving at our frontiers continued today. From what some of them said, the Reapers are shuffling their siege forces.

02:38 PM #
Most of the Reaper siege camps around the remaining Cannibal Gang strongholds are being reduced. One, maybe two are being reinforced.

02:41 PM #
It would appear that Anon is no longer content to starve out the besieged Cannibal Gangs. I think he wants to finish them and turn to us.

06:43 PM #
Tonight, Pete is introducing some other leaders from our alliance of scattered survivor groups: those from Fort NTC, Mosinee, and UWSP.

06:46 PM #
In addition to showing the Reapers we have a united front, Pete hopes others listening will take heart in the size of our alliance.

06:49 PM #
Anon isn't broadcasting clashing signals tonight. I wish he was. I don't like wondering what he's up to. #zombie #apocalypse #zompocalypse