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wausauloner - Fri Aug 10 2012

03:12 AM #
Ruth called in on the secure radio net. She's hearing gunfire coming from somewhere near downtown Wausau, an area still full of zombies.

03:15 AM #
Nobody in their right mind goes there without a good reason, especially at night. It's got to be another Reaper assassination team. #zombies

03:18 AM #
Two patrol teams are getting ready to go in at first light to look for the infiltrators, dead or alive. Or undead. Gunfire attracts zombies.

05:31 AM #
A patrol sent into downtown found some freshly downed zombies, a great deal of fresh blood, and several discarded weapons near 6th & Grant.

05:34 AM #
They followed the blood trails to another death scene. They found another dropped rifle, the stock coated in zombie brain and gore. #zombies

05:37 AM #
They're still tracking the blood trails, though most have turned from the red blood of humans to the black goo of zombie blood. #apocalypse

06:56 AM #
The patrol sighted four fresh zombies among a pack milling about, aimless now that their prey joined their number. They were Reapers.

06:59 AM #
It looks like zombies got them all, if it was another cultist four-man team. They had the same weapons & packs, so we think that's the case.

08:05 AM #
The patrol that found the undead cultists brought back gear the Reapers left behind in an abandoned home near the site of the first fight...

08:08 AM #
It looked like the Reapers tried to hastily barricade the house when pursuing zombies caught them. They might have been traveling at night.

09:02 AM #
If Anon sent those men through downtown Wausau at night to get deep within our territory, he's a less predictable foe than we hoped.

02:01 PM #
I just spent an hour trying to get a good look at distant figures I saw moving up on Mosinee Hill. It was just zombies. Heh. "Just" zombies.

07:08 PM #
Pete's HAM radio broadcast tonight included a tally of how many refugees made it to our frontier. He decided not to add a Reaper body count.

07:11 PM #
He decided he'd rather not let Anon know how many of his infiltration/assassin teams have been caught or killed. #zombie #apocalypse