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wausauloner - Sat Aug 11 2012

07:55 AM #
With two Reaper infiltration/assassin teams (that we know of) getting behind our frontier defenses, Pete has added more close-in patrols.

07:58 AM #
Between manning the frontier gates, quarantine camps, outer patrols, and now these inner patrols, we're running out of people to pick crops.

10:02 AM #
Some of the first refugees that arrived have been cleared (as much as possible) of being Cannibal Gang elite or fifth column Reapers...

10:04 AM #
Like everyone else, they have their choice of duties, though they won't be put in any sensitive posts until they've been with us for awhile.

10:07 AM #
That means they won't be guarding the border or doing patrols (for zombies or human threats). Most are in the fields or on picking crews.

01:30 PM #
Kurt, May, and I are taking rotating shifts in a camouflaged blind up on Mosinee Hill. It overlooks the automated DARPA station up there.

01:33 PM #
We need to keep that place (and our people manning it 24/7) safe, & watch out for Reapers who try to sneak into this area through the woods.

09:59 PM #
Just finished a shift in the blind up on Mosinee Hill. Sleeping in the DARPA station so I don't have to dodge zombies in the dark.