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wausauloner - Sun Aug 12 2012

07:38 AM #
I missed all the HAM radio action last night while I was in the blind up on Mosinee Hill, watching for Reaper infiltration/assassin teams...

07:41 AM #
...Pete's nightly broadcast went smoothly. It's what happened after: Someone claiming to be inside Waupun came on a lesser-used frequency.

07:44 AM #
They said the Cannibal Gang leaders inside Waupun were taken out in a coup. A new leadership council had taken over. They asked for our help

07:47 AM #
The broadcaster said the Reaper siege camps around their redoubt had been partially drawn down & that an attack by us could end the siege.

07:50 AM #
Pete smelled a trap. If it was real, that appeal for help would draw in reinforcing Reaper troops. He said as much on the radio. #apocalypse

07:53 AM #
It became a moot point a few minutes later when two different voices we hadn't heard before said they'd seen Reaper units heading TO Waupun.

07:56 AM #
The signals were triangulated with help from our allies at UWSP, confirming that they originated from separate places many miles from Waupun

07:59 AM #
There's a lot of disinformation being put out on the radios, but I think Pete made the right call last night. All available evidence says so

01:55 PM #
I've been doing walking patrols all day so far. Now I've got a long shift in the blind ahead of me. Going dark until I'm relieved. #zombies

10:14 PM #
Just finished my shift in the blind. I didn't see any Reaper infiltrators, but a watcher in another blind out in Weston saw a four-man team.

10:17 PM #
She kept an eye on them until she could radio for a patrol to get into an ambush position. One survived the firefight and was captured.