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wausauloner - Mon Aug 13 2012

07:31 AM #
The Reaper captured yesterday isn't talking. That figures. Anon would only send true zealots on what's basically a suicide mission. #zombies

07:34 AM #
He didn't have to talk for us to learn one thing: The infiltration teams have all been heading toward Rib Mountain. That's their target.

07:37 AM #
It makes sense. That's where Pete needs to broadcast from, so Anon figures his assassins can take him out there. #zombies #zompocalypse

09:53 AM #
Tonight, Pete will report a milestone: Since he made the initial invitation on the HAM radio bands, 100 people have made it here safely.

09:56 PM #
I missed more big news while I was on guard duty: Some newly arrived refugees say that the Reapers have begun a major assault on Waupun.

09:59 PM #
Pete had one of the refugees tell what they saw during his HAM radio broadcast. I bet Anon doesn't like his trickery being revealed. #zombie