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wausauloner - Tue Aug 14 2012

09:19 AM #
I've learned more details about the Reaper assault on Waupun, the Cannibal Gangs' northernmost stronghold. #zompocalypse #cannibals #cult

09:22 AM #
The cult has besieged the cannibals in Waupun for months, trying to starve them out. It appears they've turned to a more direct approach.

09:25 AM #
It sounds like the Reapers reduced their garrisons around the other Cannibal Gangs' strongholds to make one maximum effort on Waupun...

09:28 AM #
Eyewitness reports say the Reapers assembled over 100 of their armored, zombie-carrying tractor-trailer rigs to breach a defensive wall...

09:31 AM #
The Reapers use those zombie-wagons like fire ships were used in the age of sail, plowing into barriers to release their deadly cargo within

09:34 AM #
They used the tactic successfully when they took out the survivors based at Fort McCoy a couple years ago, following up with regular troops.

09:37 AM #
The witnesses of the attack on Waupun didn't risk sticking around for the outcome. They heard loud explosions as they hightailed it west.

10:47 PM #
May and I just had a scare. When she came to the blind for her shift, we went to check out some noises I'd heard that I couldn't identify.

10:50 PM #
Her young eyes spotted it: A bear. We backed up and hid in the blind until it left, sniffing the air. It wasn't scared away by us...

10:53 PM #
It was a zombie. Maybe the zombie heard the bear, too, because it seemed to be on the hunt. I took it out with my spiked metal bat. #zombies