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wausauloner - Wed Aug 15 2012

07:15 AM #
Last night's excitement with the bear kept me up too late to check in on the radio nets. I just learned we took in some Reaper defectors.

07:18 AM #
There are two of them. They were part of another infiltration team. They showed up at Fort NTC with the bodies of two companions...

07:21 AM #
They said they want out of the cult and killed the other two in their team, both true believers of Anon's pseudo-religious psychobabble.

07:24 AM #
The two men are being detained in isolation, just in case, and will be debriefed extensively. Pete will not be announcing their defection.

01:32 PM #
The Reaper defectors want to trade information for asylum. They were told that asylum with us isn't something you buy, but that you earn.

01:35 PM #
Sometimes I really hate human nature. With so few of us left, even the ones that want to get along have trouble. #zombies #zompocalypse

10:05 PM #
May just proved how bad my night vision is getting. She was being sneaky & got way too close to the blind before she revealed her presence.

10:08 PM #
I'm going to have to take myself off of nighttime duty in the blind. My eyes are getting too old for the job. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

10:11 PM #
Not that it was a fair test. Shorty & I are a team, & I'm sure the only reason she didn't alert me is because she knew it was May out there.