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wausauloner - Thu Aug 16 2012

07:21 AM #
I'm on my way to talk to Pete about the Reaper defectors. And about taking myself off of nighttime duties in the Mosinee Hill blind.

08:32 AM #
Pete is putting three more people on the rotation for manning the Mosinee Hill blind. Now, Kurt, May, and I will each have 4 hour shifts.

08:35 AM #
We'll all have fresher eyes and ears when we're on duty. Kurt & May will split the nighttime hours. Their young eyes are best suited to it.

09:13 AM #
Here's an update on the Reaper defectors: They are coming around. Mostly, they're confirming what we already know (or guessed). #apocalypse

09:16 AM #
For example, they've confirmed that the 4-man groups of Reapers that keep turning up behind our lines are trying to get to Rib Mountain...

09:19 AM #
Their mission is to hide someplace close to Rib, identify Pete when he's on his way to or from the broadcast center, and assassinate him.

09:22 AM #
Once Pete and any escorts with him go down, the assassins are to kill anyone in the broadcast center and make a last stand there. #zombies

09:25 AM #
Anon told them to broadcast their success, then hold out to the last man before setting fires to destroy the equipment & silence us for good

09:28 AM #
The defectors say there were 10 assassination teams. Ten! We can't even account for half of them. No wonder Pete is doubling security.

09:31 AM #
He's also added mobile patrols to the area around Rib Mountain and is planning a major sweep of the surrounding neighborhoods. #zompocalypse

01:43 PM #
About to start another shift in the blind. This is all so much more serious now that we know what the Reapers are trying to do.

06:34 PM #
One of the advantages of a shorter, earlier shift in the blind is that I can get home before dark. I also get to listen to Radio Rib Mt.

06:53 PM #
Pete is on the air, spreading the good word as usual. He insists on doing it from the broadcast center rather than relaying his message...

06:56 PM #
He says he's taking precautions--and that it's worth the risk to be able to react if Anon plays any radio games to disrupt our message.

06:59 PM #
Pete's a brave guy. Wise, too. It's no wonder he's become the leader he is. #zombie #zombies #apocalypse #zompocalypse

08:59 PM #
I've been scanning HAM radio frequencies listening for a response ever since Pete closed by asking for an update about Waupun... Nothing.