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wausauloner - Fri Aug 17 2012

07:47 AM #
Another Reaper infiltration/assassination squad was picked up in a patrol sweep around Rib Mountain. They were way too close for safety.

07:50 AM #
One of our people was killed in the action. Two of the Reapers survived the fight, but have life-threatening wounds. Sue is working on them.

10:45 AM #
The Reaper defectors say the infiltration/assassination teams were the first forces Anon sent against us, but won't be the last...

10:48 AM #
They were all Anon could afford to send until the Reapers' siege of the Cannibal Gangs' strongholds is over. Speaking of which...

10:51 AM #
...some more new arrivals at our southern frontier say there are fires in Waupun again. And, as of yesterday, there was still fighting.

10:54 AM #
The new arrivals say they heard machine guns and artillery, confirming our fears that the Reapers (or maybe the gangs?) have military gear.

06:25 PM #
I was doing some thinking while I was on guard duty in the blind. We really need to get some more military grade weapons to defend ourselves

06:28 PM #
If we don't, the Reapers will be able to easily overwhelm our prepared defenses. We need a way to counter that kind of firepower.

06:31 PM #
We didn't put much effort into getting heavy weapons before. They're just not that useful against the zombies. But now we're fighting people