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wausauloner - Sat Aug 18 2012

08:23 AM #
I've been going over possible sources for heavy weaponry with Pete. We know there's plenty at the National Guard HQ on 17th avenue.

08:26 AM #
I was part of a small group that collected two humvees full of gear from there about 16 months ago while the local zombies were distracted.

08:29 AM #
We used up most of it, including both vehicles, while destroying a large horde of zombies. The operation killed my friend Cal, among others.

08:32 AM #
We've checked out every other National Guard location in the area. Each yielded some gear, but nowhere near as much. Some were looted...

08:35 AM #
Others were emptied by the Guard on Z-day. The 17th Ave. HQ was overrun by the zombie horde too quickly, so the good stuff's still there.

08:38 AM #
The problem is, we're so pressed for manpower that we can't spare the type of expedition it would take to clear out the place safely.

10:58 AM #
Some more refugees have arrived with more news about Waupun. They say both sides are using some heavy duty weaponry. #zompocalyspe #zombies

11:01 AM #
If we're lucky, both sides will expend all their big-gun ammo on each other & have none left for us. Unfortunately, we can't count on that.

11:04 AM #
It's more likely that the eventual winner--almost certainly Anon's Reapers--will rebuild their ammo stores with the spoils of their victory.

06:10 PM #
There was an incident today at the southern frontier. The Reapers turned an armored bank truck into a car bomb to take out our border fort.

06:13 PM #
The Reapers hoped the truck's armor would let the driver survive long enough to close with the fort and blow it up. It almost worked.

06:16 PM #
The Reaper truck shrugged off rifle fire for several minutes as it navigated the maze of jersey barriers in front of the border gate...

06:19 PM #
Those barriers were put in place to prevent Reaper zombie-wagons from reaching the gates at any speed high enough to break through the gate.

06:22 PM #
Even the smaller armored truck was slowed by the maze, which let defenders on foot close on it and hit it with Molotov cocktails. #zombies

06:25 PM #
The truck was soon covered with flames & smoke. The driver couldn't see well and got hung up...We lost two people when the thing blew.

06:52 PM #
Pete just made a vague announcement for refugees to use caution approaching our southern frontier gate after the failed Reaper attack...

06:55 PM #
He explained that vehicle traffic is temporarily blocked by the remains of a Reaper armored vehicle. Ha! Let Anon guess how it was stopped!