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wausauloner - Sun Aug 19 2012

02:50 AM #
Three hours ago, May spotted what turned out to be another Reaper infiltration team sneaking around downslope from the blind. #zompocalypse

02:53 AM #
She called in the sighting to the garrison at the foot of Rib Mountain, then trailed them at a distance. They were heading toward Rib.

02:56 AM #
The garrison spread the word to the comm team up on Rib Mt., the watchers in the DARPA post, and of course Kurt and Me. #zombie #apocalypse

02:59 AM #
The garrison readied a welcoming committee while Kurt and I rushed to nearby hidden, pre-scouted positions. I was delayed by a few zombies.

03:02 AM #
The Reapers moved slowly in the dark, feeling their way through unfamiliar territory. It gave us plenty of time to catch up. #zompocalypse

03:05 AM #
They might have heard one of us. I don't know. For whatever reason, they turned back, heading right for May. She was in the open...

03:08 AM #
Kurt saw them about the same time they saw May. He saw them raise their rifles, then put them over their shoulders as they drew machetes...

03:11 AM #
He watched them over his sights. 3 veered away from May's shuffling form. The 4th stayed put, watching the "zombie" May pretended to be.

03:14 AM #
We all knew the Reapers couldn't risk shooting a "zombie" so close to Rib. Their mission required stealth. May pretended not to notice them

03:17 AM #
The fourth Reaper watched May shuffle off as the others checked out a nearby abandoned home. Then another figure appeared in May's path...

03:20 AM #
The new arrival was a real zombie--and it wasn't fooled by May's act. She evaded it, but the dark didn't hide her un-zombie-like moves...

03:23 AM #
The watching Reaper alerted his companions. All drew their rifles. Kurt shot first. One Reaper fell. May dropped as more bullets flew...

03:26 AM #
Kurt kept firing, pinning the Reapers down as I and others charged to the scene. They were quickly surrounded. We called for their surrender

03:29 AM #
Like so many Reapers, they went down shooting. It took half an hour. By the end, I had gotten close. So did every nearby zombie...

03:32 AM #
Kurt yelled for May. He hadn't seen her since the firing started. She popped up near his position, covered with gore, dirt, & old leaves...

03:35 AM #
He nearly shot her before she spoke. She was OK, the gore she was covered in belonged to the zombie she'd spiked and hid behind... #zombies

03:38 AM #
She'd plunged an arrow into its eye, then tried to become one with the ground as the Reapers shot at her. The zombie's body took some shots.

03:41 AM #
Its bulk saved her, filth from its body splattering her from head to foot as it was hit. She crawled away when the Reapers' fire shifted...

03:44 AM #
Thing of it is, she says it was the most fun she's had in months. The girl is crazy. #zombie #zombies #apocalypse #zompocalypse

11:54 AM #
The close-in patrol around Rib Mt. got a look at the scene of last night's shootout. They accounted for all four of the Reapers' bodies.

11:57 AM #
When they saw a 5th fresh zombie, they looked over the whole zombie swarm more carefully & IDed a 6th, 7th, & 8th--another Reaper team down.