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wausauloner - Tue Aug 21 2012

07:13 AM #
I'm working escort duty for a picking crew. We're going from fruit tree to fruit tree, using the maps we made in previous years. #apocalypse

07:16 AM #
This picking crew is partially made up of people who've joined us since Pete started making nightly broadcasts on the HAM radio frequencies.

07:19 AM #
Some of the new arrivals are making themselves sick, eating too many apples from this 1st stop. They're still getting used to plentiful food

07:22 AM #
We always eat well this time of year, though we will preserve as much as we can for the long winter ahead--our 4th since the zombies rose.

11:13 AM #
We've picked an apple orchard and several neighborhoods clean. All were relatively zombie-free, but the next few stops are in dodgy areas.

11:16 AM #
The new arrivals are being issued machetes for self defense, but no guns. It's the first time most of them have been armed since joining us.

11:19 AM #
It's partially an issue of trust--Pete is wary of Reaper fifth columnists--but it's also about knowing who keeps their cool in combat...

11:22 AM #
...We don't need undisciplined gunfire bringing in every zombie within earshot when our goal is to quietly pick as much fruit as possible.

02:12 PM #
We had to stop picking at this stop for awhile when more zombies arrived than I and the rest of the escort could deal with safely...

02:15 PM #
It wasn't a big deal. Just a little delay. For many, taking out the zombies gave them a chance for some much-needed machete practice.

02:18 PM #
After it was over, I was happy to see more acceptance of the newcomers among the vets. Fighting zombies side by side leads to bonding, eh?

06:58 PM #
Big news: the survivors on Washington Island made contact after Pete's nightly HAMcast. They want to be part of our alliance. #zompocalypse

07:01 PM #
They didn't identify their location. In fact, they're broadcasting from a ship out on Lake Michigan so the Reapers can't triangulate on them

07:04 PM #
We only know who they are because we've been hoping for their call: I met them during my tour of the state one year after the zombies rose.

07:07 PM #
I recognized a voice and they recognized me when I spoke up on my HAM radio. They're going to send some envoys to make it all official.