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wausauloner - Wed Aug 22 2012

07:07 AM #
I'm spending another day escorting the picking crew. I'm using the opportunity to keep an eye out for signs of Reaper infiltration teams.

07:10 AM #
I doubt we'd catch them before they spy this big group coming, but maybe we'll see a sign, like a recently downed zombie or fresh undead.

07:13 AM #
I'm also trying to get an idea of the current densities of the undead in areas we want to visit soon, like the National Guard HQ on 17th.

01:55 PM #
We just quickly picked a neighborhood near Marathon Park. Lots of zombies. That bodes ill for a quick expedition to the nearby Guard HQ.

04:04 PM #
My replacement in the blind up on Mosinee Hill spotted a Reaper infiltration team today. They evaded capture, but at least one was wounded.

04:07 PM #
The few of us who choose to live here on the edge of Wausau are on alert while a response team tracks them down. They were headed west.

04:10 PM #
That would put them on a route away from me, Kurt & May, and the comm crew up on Rib, but we know Rib Mt. is their goal so they'll be back.