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wausauloner - Thu Aug 23 2012

05:10 AM #
The Reapers spotted yesterday are still unaccounted for, so I'm still on lockdown. Even upstairs on watch, I have to stay in the shadows...

05:13 AM #
The risk that they'll take a potshot at anyone they see, now that they know they've been detected, is too great. #zombie #apocalypse

03:11 PM #
Good news: Another blind--this time overlooking the old 3M pit on the west side of Rib Mt.--spotted the Reaper team. Nabbed them cold!

03:14 PM #
The Reapers were in rough shape. Two were suffering pretty badly from crudely bandaged gunshot wounds. All were near exhaustion.

03:17 PM #
They'd had to abandon their packs after the first time they were detected so they were hungry and thirsty. All they had was their guns.

03:20 PM #
Sadly, they were genuine true believers of Anon's sick cult, more than ready to die if they could also complete their mission. #zompocalypse

03:23 PM #
One committed suicide rather than be captured. 8 infiltration teams are now accounted for. Two to go. But the full moon is just a week away.