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wausauloner - Sun Aug 26 2012

10:15 AM #
Here's some of what I learned from the Washington Island survivors about what their explorers found before piracy shut down their voyages:

10:17 AM #
There are still survivors in Milwaukee. The place is still crawling with zombies, of course, but fishing boats make daily runs out for food.

10:20 AM #
At least some of them come from St. Francis Seminary. They made contact with them a year or so ago. Unfortunately, no recent meetings.

10:24 AM #
Chicago fared badly after the zombies rose. The explorers' attempts to make contact via CB were either ignored or unheard. #zompocalypse

10:27 AM #
The explorers didn't try to go any further south. A group that went north turned back after encountering hostiles on the U.P. coast.

10:29 AM #
They may have been connected to the pirates, or maybe not. The Washington Island survivors think they were a separate faction. #zombies

10:33 AM #
The main reason why is a flag somebody recognized. It belonged to a pre-zompocalypse survivalist group, a kind of paranoid anti-gov militia.