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wausauloner - Wed Aug 29 2012

07:13 AM #
Rib Mountain is crawling with patrols. Discovering the bodies of the missing patrol yesterday proved we have formidable enemies close by.

07:16 AM #
The Reapers not only quickly and silently took out two armed men and a patrol dog, but did so a few hundred yards from a well-guarded base.

07:19 AM #
They'd remained undetected for a week or more, then were able to effectively hide the bodies of those they'd killed & evade a massive search

07:22 AM #
They even had the presence of mind to retrieve their arrows and spike the heads of the men they'd murdered, preventing any reanimation.

07:25 AM #
We have no idea where that team (or the other we believe might still be out there, if zombies didn't get them) has gone to ground. Scary.

07:28 AM #
This team is skilled, smart. They believe they're on a holy mission and are willing to give their lives to succeed. A dangerous combination.

02:12 PM #
It's hard to go over every inch of Rib Mountain to find any other hidden Reaper assassination team shelters, but we're making the attempt.

06:15 PM #
I've been trying to convince Pete to do his nightly HAM broadcast remotely for a few nights. We might not catch all the Reapers in time...

06:18 PM #
But he steadfastly refuses, saying he has to respond to Anon's false claims as he makes them. I suggested Anon is doing so on purpose...

06:21 PM #
...That Anon is making his own radio broadcasts specifically to fix Pete to a time and place where infiltrators can attempt an assassination

06:24 PM #
"I know." ...That was Pete's sober response. "I have to take the chance. People need to hear us defy him, to hear him falter and fail."

07:32 PM #
Another broadcast is done. I just went outside and saw the moon. Nearly full. One more night, then it will be here. And so will the Reapers.