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wausauloner - Thu Aug 30 2012

05:24 AM #
If the defectors are to be believed, we've got less than 48 hours to catch two Reaper infiltration/assassination teams before they attack.

05:27 AM #
Pete has been sequestered up on Rib Mountain. With no chance to assassinate him, we assume the Reapers will make their fall-back attack.

05:30 AM #
The attack is meant to put our HAM radio center out of action during Pete's nightly broadcast, destroying our credibility. #zompocalypse

05:33 AM #
It is supposed to happen on the night of the full moon, which is tomorrow night. We have until then to find the Reaper assassins.

08:45 AM #
More searchers are here from Fort NTC and the Farm Colonies. It's an all-out effort to find the eight remaining Reaper assassins.

08:48 AM #
All non-essential projects--even food-gathering--are on hold until after the emergency. Only border patrols are unaffected... #zompocalypse

08:51 AM #
Pete has actually put more people in the border forts, just in case Anon set this whole thing up as a ruse to weaken our outer defenses.

10:03 AM #
All the activity on and around Rib Mt. has attracted the attention of zombies below the hill. They're an extra hazard for our patrols.

10:05 AM #
Our people are on the lookout for fresh zombies that could be Reapers who didn't make it past the undead in and around Wausau. #zompocalypse

01:10 PM #
A report just came in of several fresh zombies spotted on the golf course below the ski slopes on Rib Mountain's north side. #zompocalypse

01:19 PM #
The fresh zombies have been quietly downed. The bodies are being brought up the hill for identification. Four of them...a good sign.

01:22 PM #
All four of the fresh zombies sighted are wearing backpacks like those we've seen the other Reaper infiltration/assassination teams using.

02:11 PM #
The four bodies are indeed fresh. All exhibit the horrendous damage to exposed flesh you'd expect to happen if a horde killed these people.

02:14 PM #
But...something doesn't seem right. Laid out side by side, the damage to the bodies is too similar...faces are chewed up, but not necks...

02:17 PM #
Damn...these people were killed, their bodies cut up with knives to make it look like they were attacked by zombies, their features defaced.

02:20 PM #
Each has a fatal arrow wound, only visible if you look closely at the bodies. They were killed by the Reapers we've been trying to find.

02:23 PM #
We checked the backpacks on the zombies...just a few items in each. No ammo. The Reapers switched out their gear. #zompocalypse

02:42 PM #
A quick roll-call of all the searchers in the area revealed four of our people are missing. They've got to be the fresh zombies we found.

02:45 PM #
The bodies have now been positively identified. The Reapers must have ambushed these people, then tried to make them look like themselves.

05:13 PM #
I don't know how they're doing it, but there's at least one Reaper infiltration/assassination team out there, still evading our search.

06:45 PM #
I'm watching Pete give his nightly HAM radio address. His message of hope in this zombie-ruled world is too important. He can't be silenced.

06:48 PM #
I'm going to stick close to Pete until this danger has passed. He's done more to bring back civilization than anyone I know. #zompocalypse