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wausauloner - Fri Sep 07 2012

06:24 PM #
Testing... Blackberry got wet. I hope this gets through. I've got a lot to report. Is anybody getting this?

06:38 PM #
@suelder We used some of this spring's dried peas. We still find rice now and then, but it never lasts.

06:39 PM #
OK, it looks like either my phone didn't get very wet or the dried peas worked as well as rice used to. Well... where to start...

06:41 PM #
I was separated from my phone in the aftermath of the Reaper attack on Rib Mountain. We thought we had them beaten...Pete went on the air...

06:43 PM #
...then a plane--the first anybody had seen in the sky since the first days of the zombie uprising--dove into the side of the comm building.

06:45 PM #
It was a small plane, but it must have been carrying explosives or gasoline or both. It was a suicide attack. Too many people died...

06:48 PM #
Pete was hurt badly...He's in the next bed. Sue is worried about him. She couldn't get all the shrapnel out. He...might not make it.

06:49 PM #
I got off lucky, I think. Sue says I got a bad concussion and am still a little confused. She wants me to stop tweeting, for now, already.

06:50 PM #
The rest of the events of last week will have to wait. Reply or .@ me your questions and I'll answer as soon as Sue gives me my phone back.