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wausauloner - Sat Sep 08 2012

07:28 PM #
Sue has given me back my phone. She says I have to give it back in half an hour or she'll give me another concussion. Some bedside manner!.

07:29 PM #
Pete just did a HAM radio broadcast from his bed while Sue watched him closely. In his condition, it had to be brief. #zompocalypse

07:32 PM #
Others have picked up the nightly broadcasting duties, either from here or Fort NTC. Our signal isn't multi-channel nor as strong as before.

07:33 PM #
@TarValanion Thanks...I am getting better every day, I think.

07:34 PM #
@Freakadlibitur Thanks. My head still hurts a little and I have some trouble concentrating. Sue says it should pass.

07:35 PM #
@JamesERoss Thanks...I was one of the lucky ones.

07:36 PM #
@suelder Yep, Sue has been having people collect it and other plants with medicinal properties. I hit a library for books on the subject.

07:37 PM #
@kaffefiend I'm a little shaky. Bad concussion. Shorty is fine. Just a small patch of singed fur.

07:40 PM #
The nightly HAM radio battles between us and Anon continue. We can't drown him out anymore, but we've stayed on the air. It's a wash.

07:42 PM #
.@kaffefiend Pete inhaled smoke, was hit by rock splinters thrown up by the plane's impact on the old shelter wall. Mostly hitting his back.

07:44 PM #
.@kaffefiend He lost some blood. The bigger problem is the splinters too deep for Sue to remove. She thinks a kidney was nicked.

07:46 PM #
Almost half of Pete's comm crew died when the plane hit. We lost a lot of expertise. Many others injured. Some were burned saving equipment.

07:48 PM #
Hopefully, we can find more HAM radios and solar panels to replace those we lost. The battery arrays will be easy to rebuild.

07:50 PM #
The old broadcast and microwave antenna towers we used survived. We can rebuild the shelter that burned. #zombie #apocalypse #zompocalypse

07:52 PM #
Those projects will have to wait until we can finish clearing zombies off the hill. The fires pulled quite a horde up from Wausau below.

07:55 PM #
We were fortunate that Pete's strategic reserve returned in time. They pulled us all out of the rubble before zombies or flames got to us.

07:59 PM #
The Reaper forces that were staring down our border forts withdrew two days after the attack. That's the good news. Now for the bad news...

08:02 PM #
...They were sent to hit our allies at the Amherst survivor enclave. Anon tracked their location after they made that warning radio call.

08:03 PM #
I guess I'll have to share that story tomorrow. Sue says I'm done for the day.