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wausauloner - Sun Sep 09 2012

06:01 PM #
Sue has given me a full hour of Twitter time today. She also let me walk around a bit. I still think she's being overprotective. #apocalypse

06:04 PM #
Update on Pete's condition: Sue says his kidney function has stopped declining. Three days straight without signs of blood in his urine.

06:07 PM #
I'm not giving her trouble about being so careful with me, Pete, or her other patients. She's doing medicine in very difficult circumstances

06:10 PM #
She's here at my place watching Pete, me, & a few others whose wounds she could do something about. Those with bad burns are at Kurt & May's

06:13 PM #
Many of those most badly burned when the plane hit the comm center have died, either of their wounds directly or of infections afterward.

06:16 PM #
Sue has one of her apprentices at Kurt & May's house, trying to save those he can and lessen the pain of those that aren't going to recover.

06:19 PM #
Back to the story I started to tell yesterday: The Reapers triangulated the signal that told us the Reaper border forces were a feint...

06:22 PM #
They sent scouts to locate the source of the signal--the out-of-the-way and well-hidden survivor enclave north and east of Amherst.

06:25 PM #
Our allies in the Amherst enclave were on high alert, knowing they might have put themselves in danger with their radio call...

06:28 PM #
...They caught the Reaper scout. They knew his capture only bought them a little time, so they hastened their bug-out preparations.

06:31 PM #
They loaded up their harvest, livestock, and most crucial equipment before making a nighttime run for our border. #zombie #zompocalypse

06:34 PM #
The followed a well-scouted path, sticking to an evacuation plan worked out in advance when our alliance was formed... #zombies #apocalypse

06:37 PM #
They avoided the main roads and the large Reaper elements at our frontier gates, approaching our territory on one of the roads we severed...

06:40 PM #
They got to the bridge we'd taken out and met some of our people, led by Kurt, who'd made sure the Reaper probing force was out of the way.

06:43 PM #
They unloaded their trucks, transferred their cargo across the stream on foot, & herded their livestock through as the sun rose behind them

06:46 PM #
Despite all precautions, a large pursuing Reaper force showed up, so the enclave's vehicles had to be disabled and abandoned. #zompocalypse

06:49 PM #
The Amherst enclave's rear-guard showed up two days later with news that the Reapers had arrived in force the morning after the bug-out...

06:52 PM #
The Reapers moved into the empty hollow where the Amherst enclave had been safely hidden for so long, frustrated to find nothing to loot.

06:55 PM #
It was a loss for us, but at least it wasn't a victory for Anon & his Reapers. The Amherst people are settling in out at the Farm Colonies.

06:58 PM #
Well, time for me to rest. Pete is about to make a short HAM radio address to keep spreading the good word--and remind Anon that he survived