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wausauloner - Mon Sep 10 2012

06:58 AM #
Sue gave me back my phone. I can tweet as I like again as long as she doesn't think I'm overdoing it. Both Pete and I are going crazy here.

07:02 AM #
On the plus side, being forced to take it easy is giving Pete and I plenty of time to talk, something we've lacked since the alliance formed

07:04 AM #
Sue has allowed a single liaison from Pete's lieutenants to come in and keep him in the loop. He's made some decisions, sent messages...

07:07 AM #
We have people out trying to get information about Reaper activities. Did they defeat the Cannibal Gangs? Are they readying another attack?

10:20 AM #
Pete sent a small expedition to Bear Creek to try to convince our allies there to relocate to within our borders. They're too exposed, alone

01:32 PM #
Some fresh fruit has been dropped off here by one of the picking crews. Their work continues, even under threat of another Reaper attack.

01:35 PM #
...our people have to have enough to eat through the long winter ahead. While other hazards may or may not loom, we KNOW cold is coming.