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wausauloner - Thu Sep 13 2012

07:36 AM #
I'm still amazed that the Reapers used a plane in their attack on our comm center up on Rib Mountain. What a waste. A plane! #zompocalypse

07:39 AM #
Anon must be crazier than we thought to waste a plane and a pilot like that. Or he thought it was the only way to make sure Pete was killed

07:42 AM #
I suppose there are other possibilities. Anon may have found planes to spare... A real pilot could have given a zealot basic instructions...

09:02 AM #
Pete and I have been talking. We think a plane would be most valuable in an aerial scouting role. Anon must not have a real pilot.

09:05 AM #
The Reapers must have found a plane, loaded it up with fuel & explosives, recruited someone who thought they could get it off the ground...

09:08 AM #
...then sent them on their way. All they had to do was follow 29 right to Wausau. Rib Mountain would be hard to miss, even at night...

09:11 AM #
The fires the other Reapers set must have been meant to lead the "pilot" right to our comm center. All the antennae would give it away.

09:14 AM #
The zealot at the controls of the plane was on a one-way trip, so learning the tricky part of flying--landing--wasn't an issue. #apocalypse