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wausauloner - Fri Sep 14 2012

09:52 AM #
The more Pete and I talk about the Reapers' aerial attack on his life, the more we want to have something in the air at our disposal.

09:55 AM #
We do have a pilot among us--a former medical helicopter jockey out of Minneapolis who joined us last year. She'd been a Reaper conscript.

09:58 AM #
Like so many the cult forced into servitude, she'd been treated roughly by the Reapers & forced to fight for them. She'd love to fly again.

10:03 AM #
We'd have to find both a helicopter and fuel for that to happen. Neither have been seen around here since Z-day. #zombies #zompocalypse

10:04 AM #
The @WGON helicopter hasn't been seen since it flew on Z-day, capturing the chaos of the zombie horde that was broadcast around the world.

10:07 AM #
The other stations, @WSAW and @WAOW didn't have helicopters. The whereabouts of the Ministry Spirit and Aspirus choppers are unknown...

10:10 AM #
The feds had choppers at the Mosinee refugee center. Presumably, they were used to evacuate VIPs. We know @ProfPierson left on one. #zombies

10:13 AM #
As for local airports, I've been to the Wausau airport and everything that could fly was long gone. CWA is inaccessible. Too many zombies.

10:16 AM #
We'll have to get a look at CWA to see if there's something that will fly there. Sue says my concussion symptoms are gone, so I'm on it.

03:21 PM #
I did an anti-zombie patrol with Shorty, just to stretch my legs and get back in the groove. My gear is ready for a run to CWA tomorrow.