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wausauloner - Sat Sep 15 2012

07:17 AM #
I checked with the Mosinee survivors and and they say the zombies at CWA are mostly near the terminal and the private hangars. #zompocalypse

07:20 AM #
They never tried to get past the throng of zombies in the parking lot. They suggest I try to find a different way past the perimeter fence.

09:12 AM #
There are miles of chain-link security fence around CWA airport! It took awhile, but I found a locked gate a safe distance from the zombies

09:15 AM #
The gate is securely chained, but I've brought tools to take care of that. My Tahoe's battery is fully charged. I hope to sneak in close.

10:19 AM #
I've been parked on the east end of the east-west runway at CWA for about an hour, using high-powered binoculars to assess the situation...

10:22 AM #
There are zombies here and there inside the airport grounds. Some are wandering, some are standing idle. I've avoided contact. Mostly.

10:25 AM #
There are many, many zombies inside the security fence around the terminal & hangar areas. A burned school bus is halfway through the fence.

10:28 AM #
Hundreds of panicked people trying to escape the zombie horde by air must have come here. Some certainly brought the plague with them...

10:31 AM #
The fence around this place might have kept a lot of people safe from zombies outside. Now it is serving to keep a zombie crowd in place.

10:34 AM #
I don't see any aircraft on this side of the terminal. I do see fuel pumps. I'm going to check them out, then the far side. #zompocalypse

11:43 AM #
The fuel pumps I found had a few zombies nearby. The main crowd was far enough away for me to clear the area and check the pumps...

11:46 AM #
Without power to the pumps, I had to use a manual pump I keep in the Tahoe to pull some fuel from the tanks. They still contain AV gas!

11:49 AM #
I filled several cans I brought along with AV gas from the tanks. There's plenty more in them. Nobody had time to drain the tanks on Z-day.

11:52 AM #
I'm parked now within sight of the west side of the CWA terminal. No aircraft on this side either. Not even @ProfPierson's chopper.

11:55 AM #
We know from the flip cam we found last year that @ProfPierson flew here from the refugee center at Mosinee High School late on Z-day...

11:58 AM #
One scene on the flip cam showed an officer saying the chopper was circling the overrun airport. "His plane's late. The zombies are early."

12:30 PM #
I found the chopper! It is tucked into the corner of a low field near the south end of the north-south runway, hidden from I39 by trees.

12:33 PM #
It looks OK. At least from a distance...there are a few dozen zombies around it. I'm going to play Pied Piper and lead them away.

03:02 PM #
I think most of the zombies followed me away from the chopper. It's getting late, so I'm going to come back tomorrow to check it out.