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wausauloner - Sun Sep 16 2012

07:10 AM #
I'm with a small crew heading for the helicopter I found yesterday. Instead of going in through the far gate, we're hoofing it from I39.

07:13 AM #
Angie, the medivac chopper pilot I talked about yesterday, is with us. We hope she can tell us if the chopper will fly again. #zompocalypse

08:02 AM #
We took out the zombies still around the helicopter using quiet weapons. Angie is checking out the aircraft. I'm looking at the zombies...

08:04 AM #
These zombies are almost three years old, so it's hard to tell...but I don't think any of them are @ProfPierson. Maybe he did get away.

08:50 AM #
Angie says the helicopter might fly again, tho it needs maintenance because it has been exposed to the elements since Z-day, back in 2009.

08:53 AM #
It's a military bird. Built to be rugged. She's most concerned about degraded rubber parts. She and some mech whizzes have duct tape out...

10:05 AM #
We found some long-downed zombies in the deep grass. Shot in the head. There are shell casings in and around the chopper. #zompocalypse

10:08 AM #
We know the remains are zombies because they weren't disturbed by animals. Nothing will eat the flesh of the undead. #zompocalypse

10:23 AM #
More dead zeds between the chopper and the runway.

10:26 AM #
Consensus opinion here is that the helicopter landed when fuel ran out. The occupants stayed inside for awhile, then went for the runway.

10:29 AM #
It's giving us hope that @ProfPierson met up with his plane and got safely away. If it weren't for him, I'm sure I'd be dead. Or undead.

03:32 PM #
With a new battery in place, the helicopter's electronics check out. The hydraulics and fuel system will take some more work. Back tomorrow.