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wausauloner - Mon Sep 17 2012

05:30 AM #
I'm going to meet Angie and the rest at the chopper a little later on. I need to get Pete up to speed on our progress. He's still asleep.

05:33 AM #
He did a marathon broadcast last night. The effort took a lot out of him. He's far from fully recovered from his injuries. #zompocalypse

08:22 AM #
I'm back at the helicopter. The mechanically inclined are hard at work. An escort is standing guard. I think I'll go trim the herd. #zombies

09:59 AM #
Shorty and I have been walking inside the perimeter security fence. We're taking out stray zombies while avoiding the crowded terminal area.

10:02 AM #
I'm using my bow to avoid causing massive trauma to the zombies. I need to be able to tell if any of them were @ProfPierson. I have to know.

10:05 AM #
I'm following the same route I used when I played Pied Piper the other day, tagging the stragglers that followed me to the back gate.

10:08 AM #
I'll have to be careful once I get to the back gate. The most able-bodied zombies that followed me before will be there en masse. #zombies

03:02 PM #
I've been whittling away at the zombies at the main gate for awhile. Ran out of arrows. Time to jump the fence and loop back to the chopper.

04:02 PM #
Back with the chopper crew. They hope to finish up making it airworthy again tomorrow. #zombie #zombies #apocalypse #zompocalypse

04:42 PM #
.@HollywoodHolte I usually get them back eventually. Usually when things calm down and it's time to burn the bodies.

05:12 PM #
.@HollywoodHolte The important thing (just in case) is to keep arrows I use for zombies separate from those I use for game. I have a system.

05:15 PM #
.@HollywoodHolte I use practice arrows for zombies (any hole in the skull downs them) and broadheads for anything I plan to eat.