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wausauloner - Tue Sep 18 2012

06:02 AM #
I was up late last night processing food for winter. Pete was only on the air for awhile, so I listed to Anon's rants while I worked.

06:05 AM #
He has shifted most of his attacks to the Cannibal Gangs under siege by Reaper forces. Refugees say he's grinding down one after another.

06:08 AM #
Pete and I think he's trying to finish off as many Cannibal Gang strongholds as possible, looting their stores before winter ends the fight.

06:11 AM #
The Reapers, because they survive primarily by pillaging others' supplies, have wintered down south in the past. We hope they will again.

08:45 AM #
Back at the chopper. Things are under control here so I'm off to continue reducing the zombie population inside the CWA airport fence.

10:24 AM #
Most of the zombies more-or-less trapped inside the CWA security fence are dressed in the tattered remnants of civilian clothes...

10:27 AM #
Some wear uniforms of one type or another--National Guard, U.S. Army, police--evidence that the forces defending the airport were overrun.

01:37 PM #
I've downed a lot of zombies today. It is beginning to look like clearing this place won't be as difficult as I thought. #zompocalypse

01:40 PM #
A big reason why is the lay of the land inside the airport fence. Everything around the runways is flat, so I can see zombies from far away.

01:43 PM #
By working the edges and sticking to the low areas, I can stay out of sight and take out stray zombies with ease. #zompocalypse

01:46 PM #
Most of the zombies are in a self-perpetuating cluster of activity near the terminal and private hangars. Peeling them off would be risky...

01:49 PM #
...but at some point, it's what we have to do whenever we want to get someplace where zombies have massed. Or to make this place safe.

05:34 PM #
I talked with Pete and he agrees with me: We need to clear the zombies in the airport so Angie can test the helicopter repairs safely (ish).

05:37 PM #
To avoid taxing our forces at the border, I'm going to recruit a small team to take out the zombies at CWA. Time to make some radio calls...