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wausauloner - Wed Sep 19 2012

06:23 AM #
I'm at CWA's back gate with my team. We're using this entrance so any zombie pursuit will be away from the chopper, where work continues.

06:26 AM #
With me is Kurt, May, Jason, and Ruth. Kurt and I have our trucks. We'll use them as firing platforms and, if necessary, a means of escape.

06:29 AM #
We're starting out with bows. May and I are the best shots, so we'll stand in the sunroofs, picking off Zs. The others: drivers & spotters.

09:58 AM #
May & I are taking a break from all the zombie carnage as Kurt & Jason work on a knot of the dead. Ruth & her .22 are ready, just in case.

11:09 AM #
The private hangar area is now mostly free of zombies. At least the ambulatory ones. We've started luring out some from the terminal area.

02:51 PM #
We had to resort to close-in combat with the zombies from the horde. Kurt's antique Civil War saber and my spiked bat got a workout. #zombie

02:54 PM #
We finished off the pursuing zombies as they backed us up all the way to the east gate. Ruth almost had to start shooting. #zompocalypse

02:57 PM #
I think pretty close to the whole horde realized something was up and followed those that saw us. We re-killed hundreds. A good day's work.