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wausauloner - Thu Sep 20 2012

06:05 AM #
Those working on the helicopter have tested everything they can shy of actually starting it up, so we're getting help finishing the zombies.

08:13 AM #
There are more zombies inside CWA today than yesterday! It looks like we have to clear those outside the fence as well as inside...

08:16 AM #
The problem is all the zombies coming in through the terminal and the part of the fence a bus knocked down. Well, back to it...

01:31 PM #
After a close call, we made the decision to use bullets to down the zombies. No big guns--just .22 rifles--so the sound won't carry far.

04:01 PM #
We're fortunate there were few zombies in the countryside surrounding CWA. We had all we could handle dealing with the ones we riled up here

04:04 PM #
On the plus side, the gunfire pulled the zombies out of the terminal and other buildings, so clearing the structure tomorrow will be easier.