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wausauloner - Fri Sep 21 2012

06:04 AM #
We've got teams all over CWA today. Some are outside, checking in and under cars. Others are in the buildings. I'm on one fixing the fence.

09:10 AM #
The control tower is barricaded from inside. No signs of life (or undeath). We're curious about what's inside, but that's a task for later.

12:05 PM #
The bus is out of the way & the fence is back up. The doors & windows broken in the terminal have been boarded up. We can keep zombies out.

12:08 PM #
CWA is a long way from being completely secure--a horde of zombies could get in and humans could get in easily--but it will do for now.

12:11 PM #
Angie is going to start up the helicopter and see if all the work done on it have made it airworthy again. This is a big deal. #zompocalypse

01:02 PM #
Angie got the chopper started, lifted it up off the ground, and set it back down again. Hydraulic pressure was low and dropping...

01:04 PM #
Her team is back at work on the machine. They've already tracked down the leak and are patching it up. The rest of us are on guard...

01:07 PM #
The helicopter was only running for a few minutes, but man what a racket it made! We expect zombies heard it and are on their way.

06:10 PM #
We've taken out dozens of zombies as they arrived piecemeal outside the CWA security fence. The stream has slowed to a trickle. Time to fly!

06:31 PM #
Angie got the chopper up again, this time without a hitch. She radioed down that more zombies are closing in on our position...bugging out.

06:44 PM #
Angie isn't taking any chances with the chopper just yet. For now, we're moving it to one of the newly cleared hangars. #zompocalypse

06:46 PM #
All of us here in the airport are going to stay with it. It's getting dark soon, too late to deal with the zombies the chopper has attracted