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wausauloner - Sat Sep 22 2012

07:46 AM #
We opened the hangar doors this morning to find no zombies outside. Well, not RIGHT outside. They were outside the airport security fence.

07:49 AM #
There weren't many and they were easy to deal with, one at a time, through the fence. It was good practice for some novice zombie fighters.

12:11 PM #
A Farm Colonies tanker truck is here to get as much AV gas as possible from the CWA tanks. The helicopter will be based there, eventually.

01:01 PM #
Angie and the others who've been working on the helicopter are like kids in a candy store here: They found an aircraft maintenance shed...

01:04 PM #
...They're loading up an appropriated truck to haul the gear they need to keep the chopper well-maintained back to the Farm Colonies.

02:07 PM #
Angie is keen to fly the chopper back to the Farm Colonies, but I've convinced her to have it hauled there on a flatbed. #zompocalypse

02:10 PM #
Before we risk our one pilot & what may be the only working aircraft in the state, we need to get a pilot training program started. #zombies

04:02 PM #
A scout team found a flatbed trailer outside an abandoned factory in the industrial park just north of the airport. It'll haul the chopper.

05:20 PM #
The tanker full of AV gas, maintenance shed tools, and chopper are convoying their way to the Farm Colonies. Mission accomplished! #zombies

07:42 PM #
Pete was so happy to hear of our successes today that he has started his nightly HAM radio broadcast early. He has regained some strength.