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wausauloner - Sun Sep 23 2012

09:01 AM #
Pete's recovery last night was illusory...he is in rough shape this morning. It doesn't take much exertion for him to overtax himself.

09:03 AM #
Sue is confining him to bed again. No visitors allowed. I've been drafted to act as liaison to his lieutenants & the other alliance leaders.

12:03 PM #
Pete & I have been talking about the helicopter. We have three priorities: Training up pilots, keeping it airworthy, & obtaining more fuel.

12:06 PM #
The first two are already in progress. Our short-term answer for the third is to check out other airfields for AV gas stores. #zompocalypse

12:09 PM #
There's a finite supply of all fuel these days. We expect there won't be much AV gas out there. When it's gone, the chopper will be grounded

12:12 PM #
There's a possibility we can figure out how to refine gasoline to get something with enough octane for the chopper. It's worth a try.