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wausauloner - Mon Sep 24 2012

07:12 AM #
It's one thing having my home taken over "temporarily" for a potential medical emergency...Now it's the hub of a postapocalyptic government.

07:15 AM #
Sue says that's the way it's going to have to be for the foreseeable future. It's the shrapnel she was forced to leave in Pete's body.

07:18 AM #
I guess this is the way things have to be. Well, if I can survive zombies, cultists, and raiders for three years, I can survive politics.

11:18 AM #
@mattress Maybe if we found one, or a kit.

11:35 AM #
@mattress Maybe. Though I'd want to be sure of the tech before flying in it. Crashing would probably kill you.

12:11 PM #
I've spent all morning coordinating patrol routes with our allies for Pete. This afternoon, I'm relaying orders to various work units. Ugh.