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wausauloner - Tue Sep 25 2012

08:45 AM #
@jjrupple I had a couple tweets on the subject when he asked. I'm assuming the Internet is working where you are so you can scroll back.

09:30 AM #
I'm learning more about the drudgery Pete has to deal with. Normally, I see the leader, not the administrator. But I see he's good at both.

09:39 AM #
The depth of all this paperwork is astounding. Did you know the Farm Colonies' grain harvest is up 72%? Well, now you do. #zompocalypse

09:42 AM #
On the down-side, fruit scavenged from abandoned orchards and trees in the backyards of zombie-occupied Wausau is down 64%. #zompocalypse

04:31 PM #
I want to go check out the control tower at CWA to see if there's any record of @ProfPierson's flight out. Please, Pete, get better!